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What our clients are saying!!!

The day that I discovered Jane Norman's website was absolutely one of the luckiest days of my life! It was around Thanksgiving and I was so thrilled to find a local breeder who was close by. What I didn't realize at the time, was that the benefit of purchasing an African Grey from Jane was far greater than just convenience. From the very first phone call I knew I had found someone who knew these birds inside and out. Meeting her and seeing the home enviornment in which her babies are raised and nurtured only strengthend my initial feelings. We ended up purchasing an awesome Congo African Grey male that we have named Caeser and he came home this past week. The entire process of choosing our baby and visiting weekly to learn about him and bond with him is such a great idea. When he did come home we already knew each other and the transition was so easy, it was almost as though he had always been here. Curious and calm, he never seemed nervous or worried, he eats well and is a complete joy. Everyone who meets him loves him! He is definitely a shining star in our home.

Obtaining a bird bred by Jean Pattison, who truly is an expert in breeding these magnificent creatures is such an honor and a thrill for me. Jean and Jane create the ultimate package for anyone interested in adding one of these parrots as a new family member. Caeser is so incredibly intelligent and friendly and socialized and this is purely a result of the efforts for perfection from this dedicated team.

Thank you Jane!!! I consider you my new best friend! You're wonderful!

Love, Linda Edelen


Fanilya Gueno and "Henry" of Baltimore, MD wrote;

I wanted to find someone working out of their home handling small groups of birds at a time, with experience in avian health and the willingness to handle each bird as if it were their own.  I found this with Jane and was very happy when my Senegal, Henry, finally came home. I was encouraged to visit and socialize with my baby before he was weaned. I learned something new with every visit. I would recommend Jane Norman to anyone who wanted a physically and mentally happy, healthy bird!


Dear Jane

Lindy and I want to thank you again for raising such a delightful African

Grey parrot which we have named Joey.  When we brought Joey home, he was so well socialized by your loving care that he never skipped a beat and fit right into our family.  He eats well, plays with new toys and sleeps all night.  He never showed any fear of us, our Scottie dog, his cage, playstand, toys, etc.  He’s such a good bird and so sweet!

When we came to your home to pick out our baby grey, the system you had set up to care for the baby chicks was very adaptive and clean.  At all times, the welfare of all the parrots was utmost in your day-to-day routine.

Your dedication to the African Greys is much appreciated, as well as your knowledge in answering all of our questions.  Because of you, my long-time dream of owning an African Grey parrot has come true; and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks so much!!!  Joyce and Lindy Gordon ~ Walkersville, MD


Going through the process of purchasing my first pet was a very frightening experience. First of all, I'm a 52 year old bachelor who has never had to raise a child. The thought of a precious little creature sharing my life and totally dependent on me was a new experience. I decided on a parrot, but had no knowledge about them. I was intrigued by a companion that would listen to me and best of all, talk to me. I was given Jane Norman's name through an employee at a local pet shop. When I met Jane I knew she was the only hand feeder I would purchase my new family member from. Jane was knowledgeable, passionate and loving to all the birds she was raising. She helped me decide on an African Grey, which I brought home at 3 months old. Today " Jolie" ( French for pretty girl) is absolutely the sweetest most precious company I could have ever imagined. Jane still does all the grooming and baby sitting duties for me when I'm out of town. When I'm ready to expand my family, Jane Norman will surely be my only call.

 Rick Levin ~ Annapolis, MD


Jane was such a great help with the process of choosing my new parrot. She's full of information and spent a lot of time telling me all the things I needed to know to keep my baby happy. Before I even saw a baby there were many phone calls. Even after I purchased a baby, I still call her with more questions and she's always happy to spend the time giving me the information and comparing notes. Her babies are fed healthy food, are well socialized (they are a part of her home and family) and will not go home with you before they are fully weaned! That to me is the sign of a good first Mom.

June ~ New Jersey


Hi Jane!

I wanted to say I love you for feeding me and loving me and now I'm with my new mommie and I love her a lot. My new mommie makes me all kinds of fresh veges in a birdie bread, power mashes and bean mashes and she gives me my favorite- sweet potatoes cooked nice and soft and warm. Mommie says I need fresh fruit and wheat bread and seeds too. She makes my dish look so pretty with all these colors of veges and it smells so good!

I have lots of toys to play with and I swing on the swing you made and really like my house/cage with thebirdplaytop. I'malways onmy playtop talking to Pippin who's on his cage across the room. I have a friend, a dog named Kera and she really protects me 'cause mommie told her I am her baby sister. Mommie and I lay on her bed the other day and I snuggled up against her neck and fell fast asleep. It was so nice and cosy. Love, Mandi XXXX

Hi Jane, My daughter Mandi the grey wanted to write her own letter to you. She is the love of our lives here and such a joy. Jean Pattison has wonderful birds and you are a wonderful feeder and fid caregiver. Mandi is fully adjusted to everything here and a happy girl. Thank you for such a wonderful baby grey.

Jean & Bob Bain

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